What means #WeActNow?

Climatic changes, species extinction, loss of natural habitats. These are undeniable consequences of human impact on nature. Some problems may seam to be futile, some may seam distant, but the actual situation indicates that we are not in the position to be waiting to see how all this will end up. It may be late, then. Unfortunately, there is not enough political will to make essential changes and decisions. That is why we decided to act and contribute using our own forces - #WeActNow!

Who is behind #WeActNow?

At the beginning was the idea of zoologist Vítek Lukáš to help the environment through photographs. He approached other nature photographers, and the initial idea soon grew to today's #WeActNow in their heads. It was love for nature that led us to photography, but now it is not enough to show through our photographs its diversity and beauty, which continues to amaze us. We feel the need to draw more attention to the problems our planet is facing, try to help by ourselves and, above all, to get more people interested and actively involved in its fate.

Petr Bambousek

Vladimír Čech ml.

Michal Krause

Pavel Krásenský

Vít Lukáš

Igor Mikula

Ondřej Prosický

Veronika Souralová

Rostislav Stach

Václav Šilha

What does #WeActNow do now?

It hasn´t been so long since the news of the unprecedented large-scale fires in the Amazon forest has gone through all the media. Although this is happening on the other side of the planet, rainforests are an important element of climate stability and if we lose them, we will feel the consequences worldwide. In addition, it is not just the Amazon - large areas of forests are also disappearing due to fires in Siberia, Africa, Australia, and Indonesia is currently facing the same problem. We do not want to wait for politicians to act, so we try to help by ourselves. We are currently launching, in cooperation with the actors of the Dejvice theatre, a charity sale of photographs, the proceeds of which will go to help the affected forests. To be able to use this money effectively, we are linked to the non-profit organisation called Rainforest Alliance. Through this organisation the money will be distributed and used for rainforests protection and restauration of areas devastated by fires.   

Don't wait for help from somewhere else. Get involved and contribute, for example, through the Rainforest Alliance, or any other reliable organisation or project in your surroundings. Help today – We act now!

Limited edition prints

We are currently offering ten fine art prints for sell here in Czech Republic and all proceeds will go to help the rainforest.